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Homeowners Flood Insurance

“It will never happen to me”  Famous last words from a victim of mother natures latest devastation.  A little flooding in a home can cause thousands of dollars in damage. The majority of flood insurance claims come from areas that are considered to be low to moderate risk. Whether  you live in a low risk flood zone as determined by FEMA and the national flood insurance program or if you are in a high risk area and coverage is being required by your mortgage lender, having a flood insurance policy is prudent for anyone that occupies a residence Homeowners  renters and business owners are all susceptible to hurricanes, tidal surge, rain, and flood . You have come to the right place to get a flood insurance quote or flood insurance policy!

Why Choose our Flood Insurance?

  • While FEMA and the NFIP require a 30 day waiting period before coverage becomes effective, our private carrier offers coverage in 15 days
  • Policy includes $1,000 coverage for temporary dwelling residence (can be up to $5,000). FEMA’s Flood Policy Offers none
  • Lower flood insurance rates and fees! our private flood insurance carrier doesnt have to subsidize the entire United States like FEMA does.
  • Our policy is MORE comprehensive that the standard FEMA flood insurance policy.
  • Financially stable companies who are accepted by all mortgage lenders.
  • Ability to handle large property coverage for high value homes and condo’s.

We work with PRIVATE FLOOD CARRIERS to provide you with the best rates for your flood insurance policy. We also have the ability to quote you through the National Flood Insurance Program known as FEMA. Getting a quote is very easy. Use our online form or call us directly, toll free (855) 225-FLOOD (3566) and let our licensed staff prepare an instant flood insurance quote. Our Flood policy can insure your home and contents and we also help renters of properties that are concerned about their personal possessions.

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Homeowner Association’s  / HOA’s / Master Condo Policies

We can provide your association with a competitively priced master flood insurance policy. We work with property managers and directly with association board members to get the best rates and coverage for their homeowner association flood insurance needs. The RCBAP (Residential Condominium Building Association Policy) can cover eligible residential condominium buildings and commonly owned contents. We also can help condo owners who require more coverage than the maximum offered by the NFIP. Simply fill out our online form and we will prepare a quote for your HOA Flood Insurance needs. 

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