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Flood Insurance in Texas

Texas flood insurance is available to Texas homeowners, renters, condo owner’s commercial owners and commercial renters. If you live in a Special Flood Hazard Zone in Texas and have a federally backed mortgage on your property you are required by that mortgage company to purchase Texas Flood Insurance. Your basic Texas home owner’s insurance policy will not cover your home or your contents should you experience flooding.

Everything is big in Texas and flooding is no exception to the rule. Texas leads the nation almost every year in flood related damage and flood related deaths. Texas residents have experienced some very large and catastrophic weather events. Recent storms such as Rita (2005), Humberto (2007), Ike (2008) Allison (2001 and 1989), Charley (1998) Amelia are just a few of the storms that brought severe flooding to many regions of the Texas.  Many Texas homeowners were not prepared for the flooding that occurred. You can’t do much to control Mother Nature but you can be prepared for flooding by purchasing a Texas Flood Insurance policy.

Austin is a very populated area with great runoff potential. It happens to be one of the most flash-flood prone regions in North America. Central Texas is known as Flash Flood Alley. We are all too familiar with the horrific flooding events that we have experienced on the Gulf Coast. If you live in the great state of Texas you have a good chance of living in a flood prone area.

You can’t change the weather pattern, but you can change your flood insurance carrier. Today you have a choice. No need to pay those high NFIP premiums. Call Statewide Flood Insurance today and find out how you too can save hundreds of dollars on your flood insurance premiums.

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