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Houston Flood Insurance

If you live in the Houston area, then you most likely need to have flood insurance. Most homeowners don’t worry about getting flood insurance as they feel that they do not need it. However, in flood sensitive areas, it is imperative to get flood insurance since there is a high probability of your home incurring flood damage during the duration of your mortgage. Many Houston residences may not see the need for any flood insurance, but in the last couple of years, Houston has been at fairly high risk for floods. This has caused county officials to call for residents to get flood insurance. Hurricanes such as Hurricane Ike, Katrina, and Tropical Storm Allison which occurred in Galveston have put Houston on the map for flood danger. Residents in Harrison County have been strongly advised to get flood insurance to protect their homes. While many homeowners are already swamped with the costs of mortgages and other types of insurance, getting flood insurance can be a lifesaver should a tropical storm or hurricane hit.

Houston is currently one of the nation’s leading locations for flood insurance claims. Previously, a large percentage of the Houston area was actually outside of the mapped floodplain area. However, after Tropical Storm Allison hit, many Houston residents were left with flood damage to their homes, but no flood insurance. This put many in a bind, and increased the demand for flood insurance. Since then, the need for flood insurance in the Houston area has been more than ever. Living outside the mapped floodplain does not mean that you don’t have to buy flood insurance at all. The county currently ranks number seven in the country for flood insurance checks received, according to the National Flood Insurance Program. It is still wise to get flood insurance in the Houston area even if you do live outside of the mapped floodplain. There is still the danger that your home will be damaged by a flood. Many unfortunate residences have had to pay for the damage that has been done to their homes as a result.

Living in the mapped floodplain area is even more reason to get flood insurance. Having your home insured from all natural disasters is always the best option, especially if you live in or near a specified zone that is prone to these disasters. If you are considering purchasing flood insurance, then now is the time. Based on what has happened in the past, it never is a bad idea to ensure that your home is insured. Should a natural disaster happen, you want to be protected.

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