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Basic homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage from floods. If you live in areas of Oklahoma that are prone to flooding you will need flood insurance. The purchase of flood insurance is highly recommended for all Oklahoma homeowners. If you are living in Oklahoma in a designated Special Flood Hazard zone and have a federally backed mortgage on your property you will be required to obtain a flood insurance policy.

Flooding in Oklahoma has occurred with regularity since the 1900’s. Hundreds of lives have been lost and millions of dollars in property damage can be attributed to severe weather in Oklahoma.

Whether you live in a designated flood zone area or not you should consider the advantages to having flood insurance if you are living in Oklahoma. Rather than waiting for a flood to occur, you can act now to protect your property from flood damage.

All flood insurance policies are not created equal. And yes there is a choice today for flood insurance policies. Oklahoma residents can now purchase flood insurance from a private flood insurance carrier. You no longer are forced to purchase a policy issued by the National Flood Insurance Program. Not all properties will qualify for private flood insurance but the majority of properties located in Oklahoma will.

Call today to see if your property qualifies for a lower flood insurance premium offered through a private flood insurance carrier. Often private flood insurance rates are 30-40% below those offered by the National Flood Insurance Program. All lenders accept private flood insurance today.

Don’t let another day go by without calling to get more information on how you too can save hundreds of dollars on your flood insurance premiums.

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