Flood Insurance in Sacramento: Be Prepared for the Risk

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Publish: 01.15.2012

Flood Insurance in Sacramento: Be Prepared for the Risk
If you live in Sacramento, California, no one knows it better than you about the risk of flooding. A number of studies confirm the risk of catastrophic flooding in Sacramento. It is, therefore, rational to prepare yourself beforehand with the flood insurance so that when the flood strikes, you are not left wondering what to do, with a lot of repairs and reconstruction to be done at a huge cost.
A well-constructed flood insurance policy and proper guidance from flood insurance experts can help reduce the risk. A flood insurance agency like ours is familiar with the flood zones and can offer professional advice on Sacramento flood insurance. Further, our agency has a program through a private insurance carrier which provides the cheapest flood insurance rates. You can get the best flood insurance quote along with the highest quality insurance policy. Next time when the flood strikes, www.californiafloodinsurance.com will take care of you throughout the claims process.
About 25 percent of Sacramento city is categorized as a special flood hazard area, which lies within a 100-year flood plain. With a Sacramento flood insurance map, you can find out the flood zone under which your home falls.
Sacramento Flood Insurance Rates
A number of factors determine the rates of flood insurance in Sacramento. Some of these factors include
• particular flood zone under which your home falls
• amount of dwelling coverage
• personal property coverage and deductible
An authorized and reputable flood insurance agency such as ours at www.californiafloodinsurance.com would offer you the best flood insurance policies at the lowest rate, since it follows policies laid down by FEMA, with the trust and credit of the US Government behind it. We also have private flood insurance companies that can offer better flood insurance rates than the National Flood Insurance Program.
Need for Flood insurance Sacramento
Flood insurance in Sacramento offers your home protection against the damage floods are capable of causing. In fact, flood insurance should be high on your priority list, since you would get protection against structural damage to your home.
While flood insurance is still in your mind, please remember that
• homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage
• levees do not offer any guarantee to your safety from floods
• floods can destroy your home and property extensively
Irrespective of where you live, whether within the SFHA or outside it, you are at the risk of flooding because nature is unpredictable. You must be prepared for a flood in Sacramento.
Types of Flood insurance Sacramento
Depending on the area of residence, the following are the types of flood insurance in Sacramento.
• Preferred Risk Flood Insurance is offered to all residents living outside the SFHA in Sacramento.
• Standard/ regular flood insurance is offered to those living within the SFHA.
Most property owners in the city whose homes were taken out of the SFHA can now switch to a Preferred Risk flood insurance policy and thus carry flood insurance in Sacramento at a much reduced rate.
For those in flood zones A or AE, we have a new flood insurance program that can save you a lot of money on your flood insurance policy. Currently we are saving Sacramento flood insurance residents up to 37% off their current premiums. Call us now! to get a free flood quote.
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